Power BI live dashboard data pusher

In case your organization need realtime PowerBI Dashboard for tracking of processes that uses transaction based systems, PowerBI live dashboard data pusher is solution that will allow easy extracting of information from any database on premise, and sending the live data stream to predefined PowerBI dashboard as a gateway.

It is simple and easy to use software that will continuously feed relevant information to your live dashboard 




  1. Create PowerBI Live dashboard in 5 easy steps
  2. You can install it on any computer in organization that has access to databases with relevant information.
  3. Software will run as a service in background, so it will run all the time while computer is running.
  4. No installation necessary, just download and create your live gateway
  5. It is designed to support Microsoft Power BI, the technological leader in field of Business Inteligence


5 easy steps to create PowerBI Live Dashboard


  1. Design your live dashboard in PowerBI
  2. Copy and paste destination endpoint into our software
  3. Define data-connection to datasource, and create sql queries for your dashboard tiles
  4. Bound dashboard tiles with defined queries
  5. Create a service on computer




  1. Create real time live dashboard on existing systems 
  2. Easy way to aggregate information from different systems on one dashboard
  3. Track your processes in real time on desktop or on mobile phone
  4. Easy way to create information screens with live data
  5. Be informed on important events in real time