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Power BI live dashboard data pusher

In case your organization need realtime PowerBI Dashboard for tracking of processes that uses transaction based systems, PowerBI live dashboard data pusher is solution that will allow easy extracting of information from any database on premise, and sending the live data stream to predefined PowerBI dashboard as a gateway.

It is simple and easy to use software that will continuously feed relevant information to your live dashboard 




  1. Create PowerBI Live dashboard in 5 easy steps
  2. You can install it on any computer in organization that has access to databases with relevant information.
  3. Software will run as a service in background, so it will run all the time while computer is running.
  4. No installation necessary, just download and create your live gateway
  5. It is designed to support Microsoft Power BI, the technological leader in field of Business Inteligence


5 easy steps to create PowerBI Live Dashboard


  1. Design your live dashboard in PowerBI
  2. Copy and paste destination endpoint into our software
  3. Define data-connection to datasource, and create sql queries for your dashboard tiles
  4. Bound dashboard tiles with defined queries
  5. Create a service on computer




  1. Create real time live dashboard on existing systems 
  2. Easy way to aggregate information from different systems on one dashboard
  3. Track your processes in real time on desktop or on mobile phone
  4. Easy way to create information screens with live data
  5. Be informed on important events in real time 


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EMC Call center solution – Call and Dispatch Center

Call and Dispatch Center

Componentes of the EMC CALL center

Call recording system

Call recording system in charge of recording all calls made in the call center in electronic format. The system must record all calls in real time and store them in a non-centralized location. The system must provide search of calls by performed interventions and ensure that recorded calls are listened to through a single interface for reviewing medical reports. The system must be able to search and listen to the call both by the number or the name of the caller or by the name of the agent who received the call.

 Dispatch Center Server Software

Emergency Call Component;

Reception of urgent calls should be done through the telecommunication subsystem which should establish the connection of telephone lines with the system. This subsystem should accept and process all calls to the emergency service and enable:

·       Automatic call reception and queuing;

·       Automatic search of the name, surname and address of the subscriber, according to the telephone number of the caller at the time of receipt of the call;

·       Automatic location of the caller by area code at the address level;

·       Automatic recording and archiving of all calls;

·       Call distribution according to the algorithm of the least loaded operator at the place for receiving calls.

Dispatch Center Agent Software

Emergency Call Processing and Triage Component;

The emergency call subsystem should enable the reception and triage of calls by medical staff. This system should enable the triage of all incoming calls in the most efficient way and shorten the triage time, while increasing its reliability. The system should be equipped with tools for rapid determination of emergencies and be equipped with a medical index of emergencies. This subsystem should have insight into all previous calls of the patient from a certain telephone number (call history), and at the same time all previous registered medical conditions that were recorded in the patient who made the call from that number. It is necessary that the system has the ability to receive and process a call with the necessary information to ship the vehicle in 3 seconds. The system should be equipped with modules to reduce data entry errors. The user interface must be in Serbian. The minimum number of required operator seats is 4.

Vehicle Dispatcher Software

Vehicle Dispatch Component;

This component should be intended for the dispatcher’s workplace. In order for the dispatcher’s work to be carried out quickly and efficiently, it is necessary to ensure that all relevant information for the dispatcher’s work is available and clear, and that the process of sending calls is simple, fast and efficient. The time required to refer the vehicle to the patient’s call should not be longer than 3 seconds. This component is intended for receiving processed urgent calls from the component for processing and triage of urgent calls and their further processing. Vehicle dispatch should be based on information collected from the vehicle tracking subsystem. The user interface must be in Serbian. The required number of dispatching places is 1.

 Dispatch Center Chief Software

Dispatch Center Monitoring and Management Component;

This component should enable the supervision of the work of the dispatch center and is intended for the chief (organizer) of the shift, i.e. the responsible person at the level of the shift. It should contain all information about the operation of the dispatch center, such as the status of current calls, calls waiting for reception as well as calls waiting for the vehicle. This component should be equipped with a module for rapid changes in the current state of resources, vehicles, personnel, etc., as well as a module for processing and triage of urgent calls that did not come by telephone but through other communication channels. The user interface must be in Serbian. The required number of mayors (organizers) is

Shift planning and reporting software in the dispatch center

Planning and reporting component;

This component should enable planning, management and reporting. In the field of planning, it should enable an overview of the performance of the organization and the identification of “bottlenecks” as well as the establishment of corrective measures of the organization.

This component should enable shift planning, i.e. vehicles and personnel. By merging teams, vehicles and the terms of their availability, shifts are obtained that are operationally active during the work of the service, i.e. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Shifts should be planned in advance on a monthly or weekly basis, and changes during shifts are made through the component for monitoring and management of the dispatch center and are performed by the shift manager or other person responsible for the shift, and this information should be an integral part of the database. events. The reporting component is intended for management and should show all relevant operational and medical reports, which can show the workload of all departments in the organization, the number of calls, people engaged, field trips, public appearances and other information relevant to the organization.

Medical Report Entry Software

Medical Report Entry and Search Component;

The system component should allow medical technicians to enter medical reports into the system after interventions have been performed. The entry of the report should complete the subject of a particular patient call in its entirety. The system needs to support component access and report entry over a secure VPN connection from remote locations. It is also necessary to enable the case search function that will locate the event and all relevant information about it in a fast and efficient way. The search should be filtered by: call reception time, call duration, call record, time of triage, vehicle dispatch time, intervention time, as well as a medical report from the field with all its specific information.

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Purchase Order Manager

P.O. Manager is a Procurement Process Management System based on Office 365 with the goal to automate the key procurement functions in an organization. Automated activities include submitting and approving procurement requests, selecting and ordering products or services, categorizing spending by multi-level budget categories, controlling budget overruns, generating purchase order (PO) numbers, matching invoices from vendors with generated PO numbers to close the procurement process. In addition, procurement departments can take advantage of document libraries and additional electronic forms associated with each procurement request for their use in the process, such as getting approvals on bidders lists, signing NDA or conflict of interest statements, version tracking for technical specifications, contracts, or other relevant information required to complete procurement process. Together, the system allows organizations to automate critical steps from initiation to completion of a procurement process.

The key benefit for organizations using our procurement process management solution includes ease of administration and potential long-term cost savings. Having a single interface for procurement-related management information cuts down the time and effort required to monitor organizational spending.



PO Manager Features

Create and Follow Purchase Requests

Employees can create purchase request in few clicks, and follow the approval process online. The approval process is transparent and allows insight into approval steps and actors.

Purchase Approval Process

Flexible approval process that can be configured to involve different manager depending on value of purchase request

Procurement and purchase orders

After request is approved procurement process starts. Procurement department can chose Vendor from approved vendor list, or can start tender process.

Financial Approvals

Depending on type of purchase Financial department, approves funds from dedicated budget type and budget line

Invoice Management

Upon Invoice reception all invoices are connected to corresponding purchase order.

Budget management

System has real time information on budget spending, and BI tools for adjustments and projections




Smart Purchasing Increase Savings

For organization

Fast Adoption, Easy to use , Time saving, Notifications on important events, Faster approval process

For Purchasing department

Compliance with corporate standards, Auditing and control, Real time reports and dashboards, Contract management, Supplier lists, Purchase order management

For Finance department

Financial benefits, Budget control, Invoice management, Real time reports and dashboards

For IT department

Zero maintenance cloud based solution, Security compliance, Flexible workflow, Easy customization, 99.999 availability








How to find out more?

You can contact us, and we will make a presentation for your organization. This presentation will cover all system features, as well as customization option. We will arrange customized demo environment just for your organization, so you can feel user experience, and anticipate benefits.

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SharePoint Saturday Munich

Event dedicated to SharePoint and Office365 administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals, took place in Munich for the second time on 4th of March 2017. We took part in this small but highly technical event. More conference details


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ESPC 2016 Vienna

The European SharePoint Conference (ESPC) team works year round, dedicated not only to organizing a fantastic Conference – but also supporting the generation of a strong, dynamic & engaged SharePoint and Office 365 Community throughout the European Region. All our community members have access to a library of free content, provided by global thought leaders and technical experts, including conference presentations, How to Videos, eBooks, Blogs, newsletters and webinars.

The European SharePoint Conference team works year round, dedicated not only to organising a fantastic Conference – but also supporting the generation of a strong, dynamic & engaged SharePoint and Office 365 Community throughout the European Region. All our community members have access to a library of free content, provided by global thought leaders and technical experts, including conference presentations, How to Videos, eBooks, Blogs, newsletters and webinars.

CPU took part in ESPC 16 with the goal to stay on technology edge, and provide best services to our clients .

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