Working with corporations and medium-sized companies has allowed us to quickly detect and implement the most optimal solutions for specific challenges.

ICT Education
CPU delivers professional ICT certificates. We provide our classrooms and highly educated staff who use their own experience and skills while teaching to transfer a real-world application of the latest ICT technology. Over the years we’ve acquired almost every significant certificate for education, including Pearson VUE Testing Center and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Education, Network Infrastructure and Security Solutions.
Solution Implementation
Our team of seasoned professionals will build, integrate and deploy custom-made solutions for your business. After implementation, we will train employees in our facilities, which we highly recommend due to the difficulties that naturally occur when people work with new and custom-made solutions. It will allow them to have an insight into solutions and how to get the best out of them, without the added stress of learning on their own.
Solution Development
We have a great track record in developing complex software solutions. Our services include technical design, integrations and functional and technical scripting. We enjoy working closely with our clients in order to develop a software solution that will boost and improve their business.
Solution Architecture Design
Using our knowledge of technical environments, we will build a tailor-made architecture design that will achieve your technical and business objective. We will evaluate your existing architecture and then ensure that systems are integrated and aligned with your strategy. After thorough research and plan development, we will create a custom solution for any company, regardless of its size.
We provide information technology consulting for professional organizations and small businesses. Use our technical, advisory, and technical language skills to support your business strategy, cut expenses and maximize results. Our clients Alpha Bank, SMATSA and Centroproizvod a.d. have all benefited greatly from our consulting services.
ICT Professional Certification
Professional certification in ICT world will give you an advantage over your competitors. CPU is an authorized PearsonVUE Testing Center and holds exams for students enrolled in the course. We can help you obtain a certificate from one of 100 major ICT companies like Microsoft, CISCO, HP, IBM, and Oracle. Professional certification in ICT world will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Technical Support

We provide technical support available 24/7 for ICT systems. Technical support is divided into three different levels.

Level 1 - Silver
Level 1 includes analyzing problems and symptoms, gathering information, and sorting out possible solutions. This process consists of several steps which include verifying problem on a physical level, solving issues with user authentication, installing/uninstalling basic software apps, verifying appropriate server and hardware configuration, and assisting with navigation through applicative menus.
Level 2 - Gold
Level 2 presents a higher level of technical support than Level 1, adding experts with niche expertise in solving specific problems while operating with certain technologies and products. This level of support may include installing on client’s location, replacing or a suggestion to replace certain hardware components, fixing software, testing and diagnosing, and tool usage for the administrative system from a remote location, logging on server systems or directly on user’s accounts that reports the issue.
Level 3 - CPU
Level 3 is the highest available level of technical support in solving difficult problems on most demanding clients systems in shortest time frame. In this case CPU offers 24/7 support available all year round. An average call to solving a reported problem using tools for remote system administration is 5 minutes. An average arrival on a required location in Belgrade (not including suburban locations) is 60 minutes.

Microsoft Volume Licensing

Microsoft Volume Licensing is a Microsoft service for organizations that want multiple Microsoft product licenses, not including software media, packaging, and documentation that comes with the software. Microsoft Volume Licensing offers lower pricing, two or three-year licence agreements, and product use rights.