Using our professional experience, new technologies, and a team of seasoned professionals, we will create a unique solution for your particular business needs.



Cloud Productivity Solutions
We live in world where a large number of data and files are kept in the cloud. You will need a reliable partner to help grow your business. Our client Delta Sport required help with data migration and we used Microsoft Cloud Productivity to successfully migrate large volumes of data.
Collaboration and Content Solutions
Microsoft Collaboration and Content is a great tool that we use to help clients increase their productivity, share, and collaboration. Having access to SharePoint technology has enabled us to make quick and easy custom collaboration solutions for our clients.
Communications Solutions
We use Skype for Business for our solutions when regular communication channels become overcrowded. No matter how many users are communicating on a daily basis, we will keep communication lines clean and strong.
Project and Portfolio Management Solutions
In order to deliver enterprise project management solutions to customers, we use Project and Portfolio Management Competency tool. Our solutions provide capabilities over the entire project lifecycle and allows you to efficiently select, plan and deliver projects on time, and also, within budget.
Datacenter Solutions
Let us transform your data centers into flexible and cost effective solutions by using Datacenter Solutions. The end results will expand your relationship with your clients.
Hosting Solutions
Private server hosting and hybrid cloud solutions that we provided for clients like Eurobank, Linde, and AirSerbia allowed them to focus on expanding their business. We use Lync, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, and other Microsoft workloads.
Identity and Access Solutions
Protecting and accessing corporate information across data centers and cloud can be daunting. Not for us, we know how to create a solution so you can protect and easily access all your data.
Learning Solutions
If you want to further advance education and certification of your employees or yourself, you can choose from various courses we provide in our certified classrooms. Education is a great investment in your business, and a great way to evolve and expand your own skills.
Messaging Solutions
We can optimize implementation design, deployment and solution delivery by creating custom solutions based on Microsoft Exchange technology. That is exactly what we did for clients like IT Excellence and The Disability and Pension Fund of the Republic of Serbia.
Midmarket Solution Provider
Midmarket businesses have a distinctive infrastructure, needs, and costs. Creating solutions for their unique needs will optimize used time and efficiency, which is crucial for every business.
Business Intelligence Solutions
CPU is a proud Microsoft partner with all tools and resources to enhance your business. We use Microsoft PowerBI to process your data into valuable information that will help to make right business decisions .