These are our technology partners with whom we have gained a lot of experience, and have done a lot, from projects to major international conferences. The services we provide are performed according to the strict standards of the listed companies and we are committed to daily improvement.


Microsoft is an American international corporation that deals with the technology of computers founded by Bill Gates and Pol Alena in late in 1975. Today, the corporation has about 80,000 workers in 85 countries, including ours, which produce a wide range of software solutions, editing programs, databases, development tools, and so on.

We have been successfully collaborating with Microsoft since 2000 and besides using Microsoft tools, we offer authorized Microsoft courses as well as certification exams in our premises.

VUE logo

Pearson VUE is the leading provider of IT exams. Since 1997, they have developed and published millions of certification exams at all levels around the world and has become an undisputed leader in helping IT companies develop, manage, deliver and develop certification programs.

We have been successfully collaborating with them since 2007, when we became an authorized Pearson VUE testing center, in which we provide over 100 ICT companies, including all industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Oracle, Intel, Fujitsu, IBM, Hewlet Packard, etc.

cisco logo

Cisco Systems, Inc. Is an American company of polymorphic networks. The main products of this company include ATMs, routers, passes (VoIP gateway), iIP phones (VoIP phone).

Cisco Systems, Inc. Was founded in 1984 by a small group of scientists from Stanford. It currently has more than 70,000 employees from around the world. CISCO certifications are highly sought after and provide excellent revenue and recognition to the professionals who own them.

Kemp logo

KEMP Technologies has become a leader in advanced Layer 2 - 7 Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) with over 40,000 installations in various locations throughout America, Europe, Asia and South America. They create load balancing solutions for servers serving a large number of users, organizations, large corporations, or service providers. This technology is also available in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Since 2014, as an authorized partner, KEMP Technologies has implemented these fantastic systems.


AXELOS was founded in 2014 as a joint venture of the United Kingdom Government and the Capital with the aim of developing, managing and performing qualifications in best practice. With us you can attend their official ITIL courses at all levels, as well as to acquire different ITIL certificates within their program.

We are proud partners since 2015.